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Application Development Environment

CT ADE - IVR Tools - IVR Development ToolsThe Syntellect CT Application Development Environment (Syntellect CT ADE™) is one of the most widely used IVR development tools in the world. Designed to accelerate the development of voice and video communication solutions, Syntellect CT ADE is a rapid application development (RAD) toolkit that provides a set of program building blocks that are easier to use - and faster to learn - than traditional APIs. But, you won't sacrifice power, flexibility or control because Syntellect CT ADE offers complete access to Dialogic telephony hardware/software interfaces and control of speech products. Plus, as one of the world's most scalable and cost-effective platforms, Syntellect CT ADE can reduce your solution cost by 60% or more vs. traditional IVR platforms.

CT ADE Community Forums

Visit Syntellect's new CT ADE Community Forums which are being introduced to improve communications between the user community of CT ADE and Syntellect. This forum will be used to stimulate discussion between the CT ADE community to work together and help each other with tips and tricks and share with the community the different ways the product can be used. 

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Quickly Develop Your Applications with CT ADE

Syntellect CT ADE will accelerate your time-to-market and time-to-revenue for voice and video self-service, outbound dialing, contact center, multimedia, multi-modal, and carrier solutions. Using Syntellect CT ADE to manage the media and telephony devices and speech engines, you can focus on your unique business requirements.

The power and ease of Syntellect CT ADE are available in two forms:

  • Application Development Language (ADL) - a procedural programming language offering many pre-built application building blocks for telephony, voice, video, and speech control. ADL is designed to assist developers using programming languages such as C and C++
  • Application Development ActiveX® Objects (ADX) - A set of COM controls that can enhance your development effort when using Microsoft .NET programming languages, such as C# and VB.NET, or when using programming languages like C++, Visual Basic®, Delphi®

Key Features

  • A simplified programming language and a collection of libraries of ActiveX controls designed for voice and video self-service applications. Accelerates development of voice solutions when using widely used languages such as Visual Basic, VB.NET, C++, C#, and Delphi
  • Optimized for high-density configurations - Up to 700 ports of Syntellect CT ADE can be deployed in a single server
  • Compatible with a broad array of Dialogic telephony hardware and software and with the industry's leading speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies from Nuance and others
  • Offers complete control over the Dialogic API, allowing you to develop solutions for the following telephony environments: T1/E1, VoIP, TDM, SS7, Analog, Station channels, ISDN (BRI/PRI), and QSIG
  • Compatible with service oriented architectures through support for VoiceXML, MRCP, and SIP
  • Rapid development of CTI functions through a CTI link to Syntellect CT Connect™
  • Support for the leading PBX/ACDs and IP communication environments from Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Alcatel, and others through a CTI link to Syntellect CT Connect
  • Support for SMS send and receive on standard GSM MAP protocol using SS7


  • Voice self-service, including IVR and speech-enabled IVR solutions
  • Outbound solutions, including automated dialers and alert/notification systems
  • Contact center solutions, such as call recording/monitoring
  • Multimedia solutions, including video messaging and Interactive voice and video response (IVVR)
  • Multi-modal solutions such as fax-back services
  • Carrier services, including IP telephony, conferencing, SMS and video messaging/alerts and voice mail

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CT ADE - IVR Tools - IVR Development Tools