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Efficient and Accurate Rapid Response Application

Email Management Software - Auto Response Email - Response Management SystemsThe core of Syntellect Customer Interaction Management (CIM) contains an advanced management engine that enables you to fully control a universal queue of customer interactions of all types, including telephone and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voice mail, email, web chat, web transactions, fax and agent tasks.

The Syntellect Customer Interaction Management (CIM) email component is an ergonomically designed, rapid-response application for the management of customer email communications. Integrated response libraries, hot-key phrase inserts and dynamically defined message templates all contribute to expediting the correct response to your customers’ inquiries. Using the design benefits of Syntellect CIM, the email component is built on an open, standards-based platform supporting the flexibility, reliability and scalability demanded for mission-critical business applications.

The solution uses the data contained within every inbound email to enable auto-response to frequently asked questions, to provide intelligent or skills-based routing to the right person the first time, and to ensure fast and accurate responses via email or callback.

Key Syntellect CIM Email Capabilities

  • Full-featured email response management solution
  • Complete, integrated response libraries, hot-key phrase inserts and dynamically defined message templates
  • Compatibility with all industry standard (SMTP, POP, etc.) mail servers
  • Natural Language Processing capability to understand natural language communication and respond automatically with the appropriate response

iVault Technology

The Syntellect CIM email component is fully supported by Interaction Vault (iVault), Syntellect’s dynamic data storage tool that archives contact center interactions of all media types in a single storage and retrieval source. iVault provides a complete history of interaction data for all media types and allows agents and supervisors to display detailed information on a customer’s previous interactions including archived transcripts of the native interaction (e.g., recording of the particular interaction between the agent and customer such as voice recordings, email content, web chat content, etc.).

With iVault, customer communications are from a single database source with the ability for agents and supervisors to listen to past phone conversations, read past email and chat interactions or even review voice mail messages based on searchable criteria.

Agent Email Handler

The Agent Email Handler feature allows agents to receive inbound email interactions and to create and send email replies in response to customer requests of any type. An inbound email is received and classified to determine the procedure for the email, such as assigned to a queue, deleted or sent a reply. The email interaction is stored on the server until an agent takes it from the queue and is tracked using CRM driven business rules and information.

Communication Management

The inbound and outbound email management process includes intelligent classification or keyword classification, auto acknowledgement, auto-response, auto-suggestions for agents, multi-party email, multi-language email support and many email media productivity tools.

Business and Escalation Rules

Email interactions are handled according to your center’s business and escalation rules. The Syntellect CIM system ensures the email is responded to within the set time period and escalates the email to the top of the queue, announces it to other agents or sends an alarm to the Supervisor if the email has not been responded to in the designated period of time.

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Email Management Software - Auto Response Email - Response Management Systems