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Hospitals operate in an increasingly competitive industry affected by quickly changing government regulations, social and cultural changes, rising costs and greater patient expectations. Patients demand a high level of service in addition to security and privacy of their personal information. Providing high quality, consistent level of service is vital for patient retention and attracting new patients. Syntellect understands your need to provide the quality of service demanded in this highly competitive industry. For more than two decades, we have been a leading provider of customer interaction, self-service and speech service technology to healthcare providers

Manage Patient Communications

Syntellect Customer Information Management (CIM) helps healthcare service providers manage patient communications of all types in order to improve service and increase operational efficiencies. Syntellect CIM is a complete interaction management system providing the most comprehensive set of tools in the industry integrating voice, interactive voice response (IVR), email, web interactions, fax and agent tasks.

Benefits of Syntellect CIM for the Healthcare industry:

  • Improve your patient’s medical outcomes and reduce their medical costs by delivering personalized health
    management services, educational programs and pharmaceutical care
  • Provide patients with convenient access to their medication through automated pharmacy services
  • Skills and proficiency based routing to ensure your patients reach the right contact on the first call
  • Enable your staff to instantly obtain patient history and provide personalized service to your patients
  • View a snapshot of your current contact center resources and adjust any issues in real-time
  • Provide service quality assurance using call recordings stored in a searchable, permanent database
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple physical locations and business groups into one cohesive network
  • Leverage your existing investment in technology using a flexible, independent platform for easy integration
    when mergers or other organizational changes occur

Syntellect CIM helps deliver these benefits and more to hospitals and their patients. The Syntellect CIM solution provides the right balance of self-service and agent assistance to improve the patient’s interaction experience by accessing healthcare information in a safe, secure environment.

Interaction Management and Call Routing

With Syntellect CIM, you can create a complete, customizable picture of how your patient interactions are handled. By performing web-based administration, real-time contact center monitoring and comprehensive decision management, you will have the knowledge and tools to optimize your contact center. The system identifies callers and their needs, then routes them to the most appropriately skilled nurse or other representative if additional assistance is required. When the call is taken, the patient’s information quickly appears in a “screen pop” for easy reference. Syntellect CIM also has multi-lingual capabilities to allow anytime, anywhere access to all your patients.

HIPPA Compliance

Syntellect understands that your patient’s health information needs to be secure, and all software solutions are designed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). System security features include individual authentication of users, secure access controls, audit trails, disaster recovery procedures, protection of remote access points and more. Healthcare call recording and retrieval requirements are an integral part of HIPPA compliance. The Syntellect CIM call recording component provides this functionality and organizes records in a permanent, searchable storage database.

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Healthcare Management Software - Patient Management Software - Call Routing Software